This is the flow.words are distraction.i sense an unfathomable wave of things that I wanted to express, words are caging them in forms and descriptions.


Good Match

Some things just work together; babies and stripes, road-trips and loud music, beaches and beer, sweet and bitter, cold and hot, smooth and fizzy. all these sensations come together to create a coherent.


HE: Hi

SHE: Hey

HE: Don’t wanna keep friendship with you anymore. Just Finished!

SHE: Why? Have done something wrong?

HE: No, You didn’t. but you are show off to much.

SHE: So, are you getting jealous? ┬ábut wanna say something people only earns money for getting rich and becoming millionaire. So, why they won’t show off? Definitely, They will. And i think, they don’t show off they just fulfill their wishes. But the actual truth is who don’t have they only thinks that other person is showing off.

HE: Absolutely accurate, i indeed got a point.

SHE: Great, Now work hard to become a millionaire. Anyone can become… if they have trust in their-selves

HE: Yeah, I will.

SHE: Now, would you keep friendship with me or not?

HE: Will keep forever.